Utilizing Your Smart Home Devices This Holiday Season

Looking for some tips on how to best utilize your smart home device this holiday season? Check out this article for some helpful tricks on how to incorporate smart technology into your everyday life.

“Alexa, add paper towels to my cart.”

  • Add items to your shopping cart with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

Amazon smart home devices allow you to add items to your shopping cart hands-free. Whether you think of another ingredient you need for a recipe or you have a great idea for your daughter’s Christmas present, Alexa can order it when you say the magic word.

“Hey Google, add pie tins to my shopping list.”

  • Add items to your shopping list with Google Home Mini

Google smart devices don’t have the ability to order items for you, but it can compile all the items you need into a single list. This is a hands-free way to create a list – you don’t even have to worry about taking that piece of paper to the store with you anymore! Simply access your list from your Google Home app on your smartphone and check off items as you go.

“Hey Google, find me a pecan pie recipe.”

  • Find a recipe and follow along hands-free

When you ask your smart home to find a recipe for you, it will give you an option to continue with the chosen one or to find a different one. It even sums up preparation time, cooking time, oven temperature, and all the basics for you, just so you know what you’re getting into.

“Alexa, set a timer for 45 minutes.”

  • Set a timer 

Need to set a timer for a dish you have in the oven? With both the Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, you can tell it to set a timer and it will sound an alarm when time is up, even if you’re listening to music through the device. I find this handiest when I have two different items in the oven that require the same temperature, but different cooking times.