Just when you’ve lost all hope for decent WiFi…

There’s a new line of products on the market that is solving a lot of people’s in-home WiFi woes. Mesh Router systems offer a sort of WiFi blanket through its coverage area, without dead spots or weaker signal, when properly configured. Whether your house is solid concrete, a sprawling 12,000 square feet, or just the average suburban spread, Mesh Router systems offer affordable coverage that wasn’t easily attainable before to the consumer. We’ve listed a few of our top picks here to help you get started. I personally use the Google Mesh Router and LOVE it. I bought the 3 pack for our approximately 4,000 square foot ranch with basement. Three is probably a little overkill for my space, but given recent sales as manufacturers compete for market share, it was more cost-effective to get the 3 pack than the 2 pack. Set-up and configuration were easy-breezy. The whole system can be controlled from a mobile app while at home or away. Worried your kid didn’t do their homework after school? Block ’em. It’s that simple. You can set up time restrictions, set your smart tv as the priority so you aren’t stuck buffering while all your children are sucking up bandwidth… the sky’s the limit! Well, so it seems. The one feature that I’ve run into that was wanted (and not found) was roaming time limits. For example, I want to let my son play Xbox for 2 hours a day, and I don’t care what 2 hours those are. Can’t do that so far, but I can say his Xbox can only get on the Internet between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. We’ve come a long way since I used to have to manually change the WiFi password to lock the little offenders out!

My dad uses the Netgear Orbi and also loves his… which means my little brothers and sister are in for a tougher time trying to skirt house rules. But you know what they say: better them than me. He said that three is overkill for his house too, but again, it was more cost effective to buy the 3 pack than the 2 pack.

TP-Link is a quality brand that is typically less expensive than other major brands that we’ve had experiences with. Although no one at our shop uses this particular Mesh Router system, it gets great reviews and their regular price is lower than the others’ regular price. The other major brands have just been on sale a lot lately.

Ah, I do love technology 🙂