Urgent Google Chrome Update

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Urgent Google Chrome Update A security vulnerability in Google Chrome has been discovered by Google and they are urging users to update immediately. This vulnerability leaves a door open for hackers to access your operating system and execute programs that can promote malicious behavior on your computer. Don't take the risk! Make sure Google [...]

Fitness Friendly Tech Gadgets

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Fitness-Friendly Tech Gadgets With it being the new year, we all have our New Year's resolutions. Whether it's losing weight or teaching yourself how to use that new smartphone, we've got you covered. Here are just a few new gadgets to aid you along the way on your fitness journey, or even just to help [...]

Hot Tech for the Holidays

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Hot Tech for the Holidays 2018 offers a lot of new tech toys that make everyday life that much more fun. Have a family member that hasn't indulged in the world of smart technology? Give them a taste of what it has to offer and get their collection started. Here are a few products [...]

Power Cycling Your Network

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Power Cycling Your Network Technology is not perfect, especially when it comes to networks with an endless number of different devices connecting to them. It's easy to blame your internet provider for issues with your network, but in many cases, you can resolve network hiccups by power cycling your networking devices. When to Power [...]

Utilizing Your Smart Home Devices This Holiday Season

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Utilizing Your Smart Home Devices This Holiday Season Looking for some tips on how to best utilize your smart home device this holiday season? Check out this article for some helpful tricks on how to incorporate smart technology into your everyday life. “Alexa, add paper towels to my cart.” Add items to your shopping [...]

Chill Out! Keep Your Electronics Cool This Summer

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Chill Out! Keep Your Electronics Cool This Summer Before you make your way to the pools or beach this summer, read these tips to keep your technology in good shape. Store laptops in cool places. When you travel with your laptop, be sure to take it with you.  A hot car can be detrimental [...]

Just When You’ve Lost All Hope For Decent WiFi…

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Just when you've lost all hope for decent WiFi... There's a new line of products on the market that is solving a lot of people's in-home WiFi woes. Mesh Router systems offer a sort of WiFi blanket through its coverage area, without dead spots or weaker signal, when properly configured. Whether your house is [...]

Wireless Network Connection and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

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Wireless Network Connection and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Q. My computer has always connected to my wireless network just fine until recently. Now it says it’s connected but I can’t when I try to go to websites I get a message that the page can’t be found.  How do I fix this? A. [...]

Switching From Yahoo to Gmail

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Switching From Yahoo to Gmail Q. People keep telling me I need to get a Gmail address. I’ve had my Yahoo email address for over 20 years and I don’t want really want to change it if I don’t have to. Is it really necessary to switch to Gmail? A. While you don’t [...]

What To Do When Parental Controls Don’t Seem To Be Doing The Job

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What To Do When Parental Controls Don't Seem To Be Doing The Job Many times I get calls from worried parents, frustrated that despite enabling parental controls on their child’s line through the wireless carrier, the problems persist: installing and using forbidden apps, time limits skirted, and contact with others that were assumed blocked. [...]