About Us


Founder, Regina Miller, began working on computers in the early 90’s while finishing her BA at Franklin College. Over the years, the number of people she was helping grew from family and friends to a wider circle, that included people who were barely acquaintances, and finally to people she didn’t know at all. While she enjoyed working on computers, it became clear that there was a need in the community for an option with which locals felt comfortable. In 2005, Regina formed Geek in Pink to meet this need. Initially, Regina served Greenwood and Center Grove area residents herself by having people drop their computers off at her home in a western Greenwood subdivision. As the number of customers grew, it was too much to accommodate in her home with her young, large family (and we’re not kidding when we say large!). The owners of another local business, Gold Coast Tanning, generously suggested an arrangement that would let her use space at their place so Regina’s customers could drop their computers off and pick them up there when they were finished. Regina would then pick up the computers and take them home and complete the repairs, then return them to Gold Coast Tanning to be picked up. The company continued to grow and by 2009 she found herself working as many as 16 hours a day from home with her 5 young daughters. Something had to give! In August 2009, Regina hired two employees and opened her first dedicated repair shop; it was located in Greenwood Office Suites on Smith Valley Road. Within a couple months, Geek in Pink Computer Repair outgrew the small suite where it started and upgraded to a larger one and finally one of the largest suites available. All in all, Geek in Pink upgraded suite sizes 3 times in 2 years before moving into a full blown retail location, now they are located in the strip mall across the street from Target in Greenwood. Geek in Pink remains locally owned by Regina and has been in business well over 10 years now!

Experienced Professionals

The cornerstone of the company still is based upon providing a fast, effective repair at a fair price. Being a local company there are some repairs offered that larger companies don’t offer. For example, Geek in Pink can continue to repair computers that are no longer in production or supported by the manufacturer as long as parts are still available on the market in some form. Geek in Pink focuses on cost-effective repairs that meet the customer’s needs. Since to this day Geek in Pink does not sell computers, there is never a danger of GiP employees persuading you to unnecessarily upgrade your computer rather than fix the one you have. This is on purpose and a multifaceted decision. By not carrying expensive inventory, the company is able to keep its prices low. This also permits them to change recommendations on what computers to buy as different models come out and manufacturer quality changes over time, since they don’t have a relationship with any particular manufacturer. This isn’t to say a new computer is never recommended – it is. If buying a new computer is the most cost-effective solution that still meets the needs of the customer, that is what is recommended. There are occasions that Geek in Pink technicians caution a customer that a repair on a particular computer is not cost-effective, but the customer wants to proceed for some other reason, like compatibility with another piece of equipment or software. All Geek in Pink Technicians have passed CompTIA A+ certification at a minimum and any in many cases, hold degrees as well. You get well-trained professional technicians when you hire Geek in Pink for your computer repair needs.

Customer Service

The Golden Rule. That pretty much sums it up: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Respect and consideration are important values that are stressed within the company. Geek in Pink encourages and promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect between employees and customers. Officially, Geek in Pink’s company values are 1) Fix stuff  2) Don’t screw people over 3) Have fun. Yeah, perhaps the Golden Rule is a more eloquent way to say number two, but you get the idea! 😉


Nowadays Geek in Pink’s major challenge, like many employers, is attracting, developing, and retaining employees in the face of a competitive market with rising costs. Currently, we are only offering in-home service and have moved away from our brick & mortar drop off locations.


A major perk of owning and operating a business is the discovery of all the contributions that can be made to benefit the local community. These contributions come in the form of time, treasure, and talent and as Geek in Pink grows, so does the desire to support local community. Some of these are carry-overs of the founder’s passions; others have grown from the organization’s involvement in the community over the past decade. Among these include the following: assisting older adults, aiding young adult workforce development, and minimizing technology waste. Lastly, supporting the community passions of our customers – there’s big appeal there. Geek in Pink is very active in supporting local organizations to the extent the company can afford.

You and Geek in Pink

Geek in Pink employees appreciate the fact that the company exists to serve you, the valued customer. The company always strives to be a highly regarded resource for you by fixing your computer related problems timely and at a fair price. All this is done in a spirit of mutual respect between employees and customers. There is even a sign posted stating “Be Nice or Leave” – and this holds true for both employees and customers. Lack of respect and basic kindness decreases the quality of life for customers and employees. Since a major function of the company is to increase the quality of life for both customers and employees, mutual respect is an important premise of business at Geek in Pink. Geek in Pink is looking forward to serving you! 🙂