Top 3 Technology Advances Since 2005

Since we opened our doors for business 14 years ago, a lot has changed in the technology world. Take a look at what we deemed as the three largest landmarks in technology since 2005!

1. Smart Phones

Smart phones have come a long way since the early 2000’s, when they were first introduced. We have the ease of carrying around an MP3 player, camera, phone, plus more… all in one device! How cool is that? Not only that, but now our phones can recognize us and unlock just by looking at our faces? That’s crazy! 

2. Floppy Discs

We’ve moved on from floppy discs to flash drives and cloud storage. Computers aren’t even made with floppy disc drives anymore! Really, it’s becoming more common that computers don’t even have CD drives. What a time we live in! 

3. Social Media

Social media today is way more advance and versatile than it used to be. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter dominating the market, we don’t see much about Myspace anymore. Facebook even offers many components within their app that lets you shop, watch videos, message people, and more! 

With all of the progress that’s been made since the early 2000’s with technology, it’s hard to not imagine what else will change in the coming years. 14 years has come and gone so quickly for our team here at Geek in Pink, and we love learning along the way. It’s customers and readers like you that make it worth it. Let’s see what the next 14 years have in store for us!