On-site Computer Technicians Services

Geek in Pink has friendly, expert technicians available to come to your home or office in our regular service area, where the work can be performed at your place while you wait. Some computer-related problems that are better served by having a house call include WiFi connection problems, wired and wireless printer problems, internet problems, and intermittent problems where some devices are having problems sometimes but others are working just fine.

Common On-site Services

  • Network Setup/ Troubleshooting

  • Printer Installation

  • Home Internet Installation

  • One-on-one Lessons

  • Email Setup/ Troubleshooting

  • QuickBooks Setup/ Troubleshooting

Common On-site Services

Many customers schedule an appointment to have a technician come out and just give them one on one lessons on doing different things on their computer, cell phone, or tablet. Sometimes the help a customer really wants is to simply go over the setup of the technology they have and see if it’s set up the best it can be and working together the way it should be. We’ve been asked to help go over service bills from their Internet service provider and see if the customer as what they need and if they are getting what they are paying for. Sometimes it’s just to see if there are any recommendations we have that will make their setup more efficient, useful, and less expensive. We have set up TiVo, programmed universal remotes, helped customers wade through shopping for a new computer online, set up new printers, routers, and modems… you name it! In essence, we want your technology to work for you. We want you to enjoy all the great features that you hoped for when you bought a new gadget or computer (well, except old-fashioned receivers with surround sound; nobody wants to touch that hot mess). Sometimes we come out and find that something has been added to the mix that isn’t compatible with other pieces; if something can be done to make it compatible we look for that fix. Other times something can simply be incompatible and should be returned or replaced. Our customers often tell us they like having someone to turn to for a knowledgeable second opinion. We don’t sell any products, so it’s in our best interest to help you make what you have work when it’s possible and cost-effective to do so.

Repairs Not for House Calls

Certain jobs should not be tackled on-site with a house call. Computers with known broken hardware or computers that simply won’t come on should not be tackled with a housecall; with the falling prices of computers hardware repairs may not be a cost-effective resolution. On the other hand, some jobs like Internet problems, many printer problems, WiFi issues, and other network problems are best fixed at your place, because that’s where the problem is and it can’t be moved to someplace else and replicated.