Chill Out! Keep Your Electronics Cool This Summer

Before you make your way to the pools or beach this summer, read these tips to keep your technology in good shape.

Store laptops in cool places.

When you travel with your laptop, be sure to take it with you.  A hot car can be detrimental to your computer’s health, causing damage to many components. It may be convenient storage, but when the heat goes up, the risk of damage follows.

Don’t leave your smart phone in the sun.

Although you may want to lay out in the sun to tan this summer, your smartphone may find itself in a panic. If you do have your phone in the sun, be sure it is screen down to avoid damage to the display itself.

Be cautious around water.

Whether you are fortunate enough to enjoy some beach time or simply enjoy our local Greenwood pools, avoid taking electronics along. If you do bring your smartphone or laptop, you better be prepared. Bring a waterproof smartphone case, like the Mpow Waterproof Case or other waterproof storage. A simple Ziploc bag will also do the trick 😉

Don’t use your laptop as a food tray.

It may be tempting to eat some frozen cookie dough or a popsicle while you’re getting some work done on your laptop. However, food and liquid damage to laptops is all too common, and is one of the most avoidable accidents.

Water-resistant doesn’t mean waterproof.

Several smartphones, like the new iPhone 7, 8, and X, as well as models of the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, and Note, claim to be water resistant. This does not mean they are waterproof. Conceal your phone in a waterproof case when in contact with water. If you happen to accidently take your iPhone for a swim, remove it from water immediately and put it in rice. Yes, this trick is still around!