Power Cycling Your Network Devices

When your network starts acting up, it can often be frustrating and result in wasted hours on the phone with your internet service provider. Luckily, there are times where power cycling your network devices will resolve issues you may be having, and you can do it yourself! Follow the steps below to try when you’re having trouble connecting to your internet.

Step #1: Save any work 

This helps prevent the loss of any data during the restart process. You can never be too safe!

Step #2: Power down devices on the network

If possible, go through the proper method of powering down your device, rather than physically holding down the power button. Of course, if necessary, you can hold the power button for 10 seconds to ensure all power is out of the machine. Make sure you do this step for any device that’s on the network, including printers!

Step #3: Unplug the power cord from your router and modem

Make sure you keep track of which one is your power cord so you can plug it back in afterwards! You shouldn’t be unplugging any other cords.

Step #4: Wait for 60 seconds

This allows the devices to power down properly and re-establish their connection when powered back on.

Step #5: Plug router and modem back in

When powered back on, remember to allow a few minutes for the devices to catch up. This is also the time to power your computer or any other devices back on!

If all else fails, give your internet provider a call. They may be experiencing an outage or doing work in the area. Good luck!