Apple iOS 13 Details & Features

When will iOS 13 be released? 

Apple is set to reveal iOS 13 June 3, 2019. There are still many changes that may come with the operating system, so be prepared for even more features than listed below. Until then, check out these five new features to be rolled out in iOS 13!

1. Dark Mode

Have you ever been browsing on your phone in bed and tried to turn down your brightness, only to find it’s already at the lowest setting? Apple has hinted at the idea of releasing a feature called “dark mode” with iOS 13.  When enabling this mode, users would see a darker theme and screen, rather than the bright white theme we currently see. Whether you want to use it for bedtime or even just for sensitive eyes, this allows users to choose how their device displays.

2. Hearing Aid Compatibility

Did you know you can configure your bluetooth hearing aids to be compatible with your iPhone? In iOS 13, Apple is releasing updates to this feature of their devices. You can control unique features, such as the volume of each ear’s hearing aid, turn on live listening, or view battery life. Hopefully, we’ll see increased performance and more seamless integration.

3. New Emojis

Apple is planning to release new emojis with an iOS 13 update later in 2019. Though they haven’t given us a specific date, we can expect to see items such as additional foods, clothes, animals, facial expressions, service dogs, and wheelchairs added to our collection.

4. Exclusive iPad Features

iOS 13 will have new features specifically designed for iPads. This includes a multi-tasking feature that allows users to view multiple apps in a table view, select multiple items in a list, and more. Even improved gestures to undo typing will be available for iPad users.

5. Bug Fixes & Performance Improvement

Of course, iOS 13 has many overall improvements and bug fixes. From Siri to battery longevity, users should see their Apple devices operating smoother, and hopefully, better than ever before.