Windows 10 Creator Update

If you haven’t already heard, Microsoft has started rolling out the Windows 10 Creator Update, which is finding its way on many Windows computers over the next several weeks.  With this update comes several exciting new features including picture-in-picture, game mode, dynamic locking, 3D Paint, and much more.  When your computer is ready for the Creators update, it will download and install automatically if you have Windows Update enabled.


Admit it.  We have all been in the position where we are sitting on the couch watching tv with our laptops in our laptops.  With the new Windows 10 Creator update, you don’t need the tv.  With Windows 10’s new picture-in-picture feature, never again will you have to choose between watching the latest trending YouTube video and sorting through those 500+ emails in your inbox.

Game Mode

Microsoft has been putting a lot of work into their Xbox app, and is gearing up to provide Windows 10 gamers a better experience.  A new Windows 10 mode, simply referred to as “Game Mode,” provides gamers with the extra resources they want while playing the latest update of Minecraft.  Windows 10 will now provide better support for allocating resources to PC games, which prioritizes CPU and GPU usage for the game your playing.  Additionally, Beam streaming is a new feature that will provide the ability to live stream gameplay to friends.  Game mode will be a default in the Creators update of Windows 10 so little to no configuration is necessary to utilize these features.

Dynamic Lock

Another great, new feature by Microsoft strives to make Windows 10 a more secure environment.  Have you ever had the opportunity to drive one of those cars that have the push button ignition?  When the driver walks too far away from the vehicle with the key fob, the car turns off.  Windows 10’s dynamic lock works in a similar fashion.  If you have a bluetooth enabled laptop or desktop, you can configure dynamic lock to lock your computer when you walk away.  This technology uses your cell phone to determine where you are compared to your computer.  Once you walk outside of the bluetooth range, the computer will lock.  Now when you go to lunch break at work, you don’t have to worry about others getting into your computer.

That’s not all…

Some of the other features that are definitely worthwhile to play around with in the new Creator’s update include Paint 3D, Night Light, Windows Photos Inking, and so much more.  Although Paint 3D may not prove to be the best 3D imaging software out there, it is incredibly fun to see 3D objects come to life on your screen with no experience in animation or 3D drawing.