Computer Recycling

Bring your old, broken, or unused computer, tablet, or cell phone device to one of our authorized drop-off locations, and Geek in Pink will recycle your devices at no charge to you. For a limited time, you will also receive a $10 Gift Card to use during your next visit with Geek in Pink. We will also provide data deletion service, a $45 value, for each computer at no charge. Data deletion ensures that any personal information on your devices doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Recycling Process

  • Strip the device of reusable parts to be reused.

  • Hard drive(s) are erased or destroyed.

  • Parts that cannot be reclaimed or reused will be properly disposed of.

What We Can and Can’t Accept

  • Desktops

  • Laptops

  • Cell Phones

  • Routers and Modems

  • Monitors/Screens

  • Printers

  • Copiers

  • Large Peripherals

Recycling Locations

Greenwood Computer Repair - Geek In Pink

Our Recycling Mission

It’s more than you might think.

Our recycling program at Geek in Pink is a multifaceted community exercise in education, environmental care, and resourcefulness, geared towards local school-aged youth. Our goal is to help students become accustomed to physically handling consumer technology and has the added benefit of helping those students and the community become better stewards to the environment. We also promote good old fashioned resourcefulness: Waste not, want not. After hard drives are erased, recycled computers are taken from Geek in Pink to Central Nine Career Center where students practice their skills on the devices. After students use the computers for their education and training purposes, a local scrap company buys the salvage from Central Nine Career Center. Relevant working parts are gleaned and sold and even some non-working parts and pieces have intrinsic value due their materials. The proceeds are paid directly to Central Nine Career Center with funds designated to be used for IT classroom tools and equipment, which are chosen at the direction of the IT instructor’s discretion. It’s a modest amount, but a worthwhile cause.

This unique program requires dedication and coordination of efforts between our locally owned computer repair shop and Information Technology Instructor, Mike Paprocki. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into making this work and we do have some limitations. Please understand there are some items we can’t accept (see list on this page).  When accepting items in our shop we do have a maximum of 2 computers per day per household so we don’t overwhelm our space and resources needed to gather and prepare computers to be transported to Central Nine Career Center. This is not something that makes money for our company; in fact, it’s something that costs money in the form of additional man-hours and other resources preparing and delivery items to the school. We are happy to do what we can to commit to education and environment right here in our local community; we are just small and have to work within our means. Please note that donations of larger quantities of accepted items may be coordinated directly
 with Mr. Paprocki for direct delivery to the school.

Occasionally we are also asked by local elementary schools and youth clubs to help gather things for “Take Apart Day”. We were first introduced to this by Mrs. Diaz at Sugar Grove Elementary and it’s a blast. Kids are given safety googles and a basic tool set so they can, well, take things apart. This gives students an opportunity to manipulate screwdrivers and pry things apart which gives them a better idea of how things are put together and come apart all without fear of breaking something. This sparks an excitement that you would have to see to believe!

We at Geek in Pink are committed to do what we can in promoting the STEM education movement to advance interest, learning, and ultimately careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math among K-12 students. A hands-on experience goes a long way in developing the skills necessary to build that foundation. Your recycled computers and other consumer technology give students something to put a screwdriver to and develop their skills in physically manipulating basic tools which will help them in their journey.

C’mon, who wants to see our once-expensive-latest-greatest computers & gadgets thrown in the trash when they still have value and purpose? As an added bonus we do delete the data from recycled computers’ hard drives before they leave our shop at no charge. Feel free to bring accepted items to our shop during regular business hours. We will have you sign an authorization allowing
us to recycle your computer and then you can be on your way. Easy peasy.