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Oh no – I turned my laptop on and there’s nothing on the screen! Now what?

There’s not much worse in the computer world than pushing the power button, feeling like it’s coming on and in the end: nothing. Deep, dark emptiness on the screen. It’s completely dark. Whether your LCD screen is visibly cracked, the picture is just too dark to see, or maybe the screen is completely black, you may be able to repair the computer by simply replacing the screen rather than replacing the whole computer.

Oh! How about this one? You move the lid to the computer back and forth, opening and closing the lid on its hinges and sometimes the picture comes in and sometimes the same action makes the picture worse or even disappear? This can often be repaired too and maybe the connection to the screen inside the computer instead of the screen itself.  On older laptops that used CCFL screens, the inverter would sometimes burn out and that would make it look like there was a faint dark picture that just isn’t illuminated anymore. That’s not a common problem any longer since LED screens don’t use inverters and current LCD screens typically have the light source as part of the screen instead of a separate inverter.

You’re not alone! Here are the most common “unexpected” laptop screen breaks we’ve seen at Geek in Pink.

The first step is identifying why there is no picture. Need help with that step?

We would be happy to help –  bring it to Geek in Pink Computer Repair; no appointment is needed. We will check it in and get busy confirming that the computer works and identifying what’s keeping the picture from showing up. Once we’ve identified the part that has stopped working and have located a replacement part, we will call you and let you know what we’ve found and give you a price to repair the problem. If you give us the go-ahead to do the repair, you prepay the special order part and we will order it to get it on its way.

Once we have the part in hand, the repair is typically completed by the next business day. Since the part needed varies from case to case and from one brand of computer to the next, we do need to have the computer checked in so we can verify what is actually wrong and the exact part needed to fix it. Laptops use special order screens that typically cannot be returned, so we want to make sure we are ordering the right one.

Can’t be without your computer while it’s being repaired?

We offer a couple solutions and workarounds. Once you’ve given us permission to go ahead with the repair, you can stop by the shop and pay for the part and pick up your computer while we are waiting for your new screen to arrive. Often times you can hook it up to an external monitor and continue to use the computer that way until it’s repaired. Keep in mind that we did have to take your computer apart in most cases to identify the problem, so if you are going to pick it up, we appreciate you giving us notice so we can put it back together before you come and get it. It does take some time and a lot of focus to put them back together and we don’t want to keep you waiting. 😉

So, why bring your laptop screen repair to Geek in Pink Computer Repair?

Because we will give you honest information to help guide you on what to do next. We don’t sell computers, so we aren’t going to encourage you to “just buy a new one” — unless that’s the best option for you. Sometimes people have been wanting to get a new computer anyway and just want to get their pictures and other files from the broken computer to transfer to their new one; we can help with that too!

We don’t always advise repairing. Occasionally we find new parts are no longer available for a particular computer, other times we discover maybe the computer suffered more damage that changes whether it’s worthwhile to fix. Perhaps the damage came from dropping the computer and the hard drive is showing that it is damaged too, or maybe the hinges on the lid broke away from the body of the machine and can’t be reattached.

Wouldn’t you want to use a company that will tell you when the problem you brought it in for can be fixed, but the hard drive is failing so you may want to reconsider putting that much money into? That’s the kind of service you will get at Geek in Pink. We treat our customers like neighbors, well, because they are. We know we will run into you at the grocery store and out and about in the community and we want you to light up when you see us remembering the great service and honest help you got when you needed us.


We have many happy customers that have told us how thankful they are that they didn’t have to go out and buy a new computer just because the screen stopped working. We would be happy to help you, too.

This is the place to go when you need trustworthy PC service, software support, or electronic device help! They have the best pricing, and the most reliable service. They do not try to sell you services you do not need, and they do not over-bill (in fact, I think they under-bill). Their technicians are patient, and are happy to take the time to help those of us who do not understand how all of this modern technology really works. For me it is really important that Geek in Pink stands behind their work, and they really do.

Geek in Pink stands behind their work, and they really do.

I love what these tech savvy gals can do. Save yourself frustration and time with any of your computer or device needs.

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