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How do I know if I am infected and need a virus removal service?


This is the place to go when you need trustworthy PC service, software support, or electronic device help! They have the best pricing, and the most reliable service. They do not try to sell you services you do not need, and they do not over-bill (in fact, I think they under-bill). Their technicians are patient, and are happy to take the time to help those of us who do not understand how all of this modern technology really works. For me it is really important that Geek in Pink stands behind their work, and they really do.

Geek in Pink stands behind their work, and they really do.

I love what these tech savvy gals can do. Save yourself frustration and time with any of your computer or device needs.

Save yourself frustration and time

How did I get infected with a computer virus?

While computer virus infections are still more prevalent in computers with Windows operating systems, we have seen more Macbooks and iMacs with suspected viruses and malware brought in over the last few years compared to ten years ago. Of course sometimes, it’s easy to tell that you are infected because your legitimate antivirus software tells you are. The harder part is often telling if the message is from your actual antivirus or if it is a malicious software trying to pose as your anti-virus software and trick you into installing something else.

It does seem computer virus infections strike when it’s least convenient.  But think about it: is it ever a convenient time to be without your computer? Not really. I will say, it seems many people see early warning signs and ignore them until they are forced to a grinding halt, where they can no longer do tasks on their computer.

Computer infection is a broad term used to describe an installation of an unwanted program or file, or even a malicious modification of an existing program, that is unintended or unknown to the rightful owner of the computer.  I say “owner” because there are some circumstances where programs that are considered spyware, or other monitoring software, are installed by employers or parents to monitor the behavior of other users.  So assuming you fit that category: you suspect you have unwanted and potentially harmful software on your computer. 

These are some of the common ways to get infected with a computer virus and some not so common ways to get infected with: spyware, viruses, PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), rootkits, trojans, worms, bots and about any other malware you can think of:


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