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How do I know if I need a computer tune-up service?

You know how when you get a new car after awhile it loses that “new car smell”… and before you know it, it’s already due for regularly scheduled maintenance? Computers are kind of the same way – except figuratively, of course, since you didn’t likely have a smell at all when you got it. The point is, your PC and Laptop need a tune-up to perform their best, just like cars do. Fortunately, there’s not typically parts and pieces that need to be replaced like oil filters, belts, and the like on cars.

What is needed, though, to clean up your computer…….

Is your routine backup really working?

If you have a backup routine scheduled and wonder if it’s actually running and backing up what you think it is,

we can check that out for you.

We inspect the hardware of the machine and tell you what’s working and what’s not.  You know all those nagging messages that pop up and down by the clock that constantly wants you to update? We go through all those and update the necessary ones, and the disable or uninstall the ones you don’t want any more. A lot of times people have a software installed for printers they don’t even have anymore, or toolbars they wonder how the heck they got on the computer in the first place, or multiples copies of Microsoft Office that they aren’t sure why one launches one time and a different one another time. The list goes on and on.

Computer Running Slow?

You could go full speed ahead and never do any computer tune-ups on your PC or laptop at all, but without any support at all the performance of the computer will slip over time and can eventually come to a grinding halt.

Even if it doesn’t stop working entirely, it can deteriorate enough to not only make the computer less enjoyable to use but can even make it frustrating and burdensome. If not properly maintained and updated your computer can also become more vulnerable to security breaches, allowing you to become infected — in some cases, even when you have an active antivirus remover installed.

Did You Know?

There have been programs that were once deemed safe and were routinely installed on almost all computers that have become such a vulnerability that Homeland Security recommends the programs be uninstalled from computers? This is rare, but it’s just an example of how constantly changing computers and related technology are.

People sometimes bring their computer to us for a tune-up because they are paying for superfast Internet service, but their computer just crawls along. They have already called their Internet Service Provider to make sure the service is what it should be, and all the other computers in their house are working just fine… and the one they brought in USED to be fast on their home network. This would be a good candidate for a tune-up. Sometimes we find it’s something simple that a tune-up resolves. Other times we find the computer is infected or the network adapter doesn’t work correctly and in those cases, we call the customer with a report of what the actual problem is, a recommendation on how to proceed and a quote to fix the problem. Either way, there are no surprises when you pick up the computer. We get permission every step of the way if the problem ends up being something other than what you suspected at drop off and were quoted.

What will a computer tune-up at Geek in Pink get you?

You will leave with a PC or laptop that is running the best that it can for the specs that it has. What does this mean? Well, to use another car analogy, we can’t make your VW Beetle engine run like a Mustang V8, but we can make it run like the best VW Beetle engine it can be! Of course, we do work on the Mustangs of computers too and can improve their performance – we just can’t make it into something that it’s not. By the way, “what are ‘specs’?” you ask? By “specs” we mean the hardware specifications of the computer, you know: processor type and speed, how much memory it has, what kind of graphics card it has, how big the hard drive is and how much space is available on it. There are more “specs” than these, but these are the main ones that impact hardware performance.

What will a computer tune-up NOT do?

Well, just like getting an oil change isn’t going to fix your front right fender from when you slid off the road and into a mailbox in the last ice storm, tune-ups on a computer don’t fix broken computers. Tune-ups don’t remove viruses or non-functioning 3rd party software as a few examples or broken wireless cards as a few examples. Don’t get me wrong, we do offer repairs for these other problems, they just aren’t part of a tune-up. Tune-ups DO include updates to the existing operating system, it does not include upgrades to a new operating system. Tune-ups also include optimizing settings to improve performance. Any saved documents you have or passwords you have saved are not deleted, so you can rest easy there.

Have a computer under manufacturer warranty?

Some people hire us to check out the performance because they suspect the computer has a problem that’s under warranty with the manufacturer, but they don’t want to go through the hassle of sending it in if it’s not likely a manufactured covered problem. While Geek in Pink is not a vendor or warranty fulfillment center for any manufacturers, it is an excellent place to get an evaluation as to whether the computer works as well as it should before you go through the hassle and expense of sending the computer back to the manufacturer.

Did you know?
Even when your computer is covered under manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer expects you to backup files and other data before you send it in. What comes back from the manufacturer may be a newly installed operating system or even a completely different hard drive! While manufacturers are pretty good about covering this in their limited liability disclaimers, consumers often still don’t realize this. Geek in Pink can backup your pictures, music, documents and other files before you send your computer into the manufacturer. Isn’t that great news? We’ve got a service to help you out even if we aren’t the ones doing the repair 🙂

Fun Fact:
Many major computer manufacturers offer a 1-year limited warranty on workmanship. Manufacturer’s warranty typically does not include anything software related such as viruses or not booting into the operating system.

How often do I need a computer Tune-up Service?

  • Frequency varies but average homes is 8-14 months

  • Small businesses should come every 4-8 months

Computer Tune-Up Drop Off Service

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We will notify you if we find anything else wrong outside of our normal tune-up.

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This is the place to go when you need trustworthy PC service, software support, or electronic device help! They have the best pricing, and the most reliable service. They do not try to sell you services you do not need, and they do not over-bill (in fact, I think they under-bill). Their technicians are patient, and are happy to take the time to help those of us who do not understand how all of this modern technology really works. For me it is really important that Geek in Pink stands behind their work, and they really do.

Geek in Pink stands behind their work, and they really do.

I love what these tech savvy gals can do. Save yourself frustration and time with any of your computer or device needs.

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