Computer Repair Services

Geek in Pink offers many services for Windows and Mac computers at our Center Grove location in Greenwood, Indiana. Our skilled technicians are experienced in tackling a wide range of problems with both hardware and software. Whether you suspect your computer is infected with a virus, you’re suffering with a slow computer, or you even just need a new computer set up, our experienced technicians are ready to help with those problems and more. Other common problems we see and resolve in the shop are broken LCD screens needing replacement, laptop keyboards that suffered damage from a spilled drink, wired and wireless networking adapters that aren’t functioning correctly, and laptops that won’t charge or even turn on in some cases.

Get Help!

Repair Process

  • Check in computer

  • Diagnosis

  • Contact you for approval

  • Perform approved repairs/ services

  • Contact you for pickup

Customers can drop off their computers anytime during our regular business hours; no appointment is needed! At that time, a $45 bench fee is collected. This bench fee is applied towards any repairs we perform on the device. Once we diagnose the computer, we will give you a call to let you know what we found and the repair cost by the end of the next business day. After getting your approval, we move forward with the repairs, then give you a call when it is finished! Typically, we have computers repaired in 1-2 business days after you give us the go-ahead to fix it. Of course, sometimes special order parts are needed and in those cases, repairs are typically finished within 1 business day after receiving the functioning part.

Common Services

Computers that have problems like the ones described above are best fixed in our shop by our trained technicians, where we have the tools and parts necessary to test and address these sorts of problems in the most affordable way possible. Other computer and networking problems are better addressed onsite with a house call.

Data Recovery

Some jobs, like data recovery, take longer. We can often recover files from computers that aren’t working and while we get started on the job right away, the length of time it takes depends on the size of the hard drive, how much data there is, and the condition of the hard drive. Hard drives that are in poor health or have a lot of data can take up to a week to ten business days to exhaust all methods we have available to us to recover the data. Rest assured though, we realize how important your files are to you whether it be family pictures, your music collection, or other important documents. We will work diligently to get them for you as quickly as possible.