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I have been writing professionally since the 90s and I love consumer tech. What better opportunity to combine these two passions than right here? My special take on consumer tech is this: I've been a broke college student with an ailing computer, the mother of a bazillion children all with tech "needs" and on a shoestring budget and for more than a decade the owner of a small business. Noticing a theme? Good. My passion is making what you have work the way you need it to and finding cost-effective solutions in technology to make your life easier. More convenient. More effective. It's all about quality of life, my friend :) We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Let's make them count.

Alexa and Google and Smart Homes, Oh My!

Do I need a Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot? This is the question of the season if not of the upcoming year.  The answer is “Yes.” Well, you might not need one, but there’s a good chance you’d love one. Let’s start with a brief explanation of what these 2 home tech [...]

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Five things everyone one needs to know about their wireless network even if they are not technically inclined.

5 things everyone needs to know about their home wireless network Let’s face it, we all feel the need for speed and any hiccups we get along the way frustrate us to no end.  So, how do we align what we expect to what is reasonable to expect from our in-home WiFi? Let me [...]

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